Technical & Safety Information

02بهمن 1395

Product ARGON UN No. ۱۰۰۶ Hazard Classification Non-Flammable ANALYSIS REPORT SPECIFICATION Purity ≥ ۹۹٫۹۹۹۹% CO + CO2 ≤ ۰٫۰۵ ppm N2 ≤ ۰٫۳ ppm O2 ≤ ۰٫۱ ppm THC ≤ ۰٫۰۵ ppm H2O ≤ ۰٫۵ ppm FILLING DETAILS Filling pressure ۲۰۰ bar Gas Volume ۹٫۰ m3 Valve Outlet BS 341 # 3   Product NITROGEN,Compressed […]

01بهمن 1395

GAS & METAL REACTION    Gas Aluminum copper brass steel Stainless steel Special Characteristic Acetylene R N R R R Do not use at pressures exceeding 15 psig Air R R R R R Ammonia R N N X R Causes stress cracking of cooper and cooper alloys Argon R R R R R Butane […]

30دی 1395

Industrial Gas Cylinder Colours While the cylinder label is the primary means of identifying the properties of the gas in a cylinder, the colour coding of the cylinder body provides a further guide. Cylinder shoulder – European standard colour coding The colour applied to the shoulder, or curved part at the top of the cylinder, […]