Dayan Gas Company is one of the well-known suppliers in the field of industrial gases cylinder and CNG tanks in Iran.

The supplied cylinders and CNG tanks of Dayan Gas Co. are produced based on ISIRI 6792(ISO 6404), ISIRI 7909 (ISO 9809) and are provided with valid certificates and type approval. we manufacture a wide range of industrial gas cylinders specifically designed for industrial gases, medical gases and natural gases. Our cylinders are manufacture in sizes of 20 to 80 liters with working pressure of 150 and 200 Bars. CNG tanks can be manufactured with diameter of 232 to 406 mm and volume range of 15 to 235 liters in accordance with the up to date standards and has a quality license to export the product all over the world. At Dayan Gas, our aim is to fulfill all customer expectations providing solutions for all their needs. Also, due to the excellent quality of production and the existing certificates obtained, exporting products to countries of the region and finally to the African and European countries are among the long-term goals of Dayan Gas company.

Dayan gas high pressure seamless cylinder include the following items:

– Industrial and medical gas cylinders

– CNG cylinder for natural gas vehicles

– CNG cylinder up to 160 liters

– High pressure firefighting cylinders

Industrial and Medical Cylinder specification
Capacity(liter) Tare weight(Kg) Diameter(mm) Thickness (mm) Length(mm)
۲۰ ۲۸  






۳۰ ۳۶ ۹۰۰
۴۰ ۴۴ ۱۱۵۰
۵۰ ۵۳ ۱۱۴۰۰
۶۰ ۶۲ ۱۶۷۰
۷۰ ۷۲ ۱۹۵۰