Blue Star Helium to spud first well in the coming weeks

Due to the importance of helium gas , Helium gas exploration and production company Blue Star Helium is expected to spud its first production well, BBB #33, in two weeks’ time.

Blue star helium’s drilling contractor, Hydro Resources Rocky Mountain, has said the well is scheduled for drilling following the completion of a current job and ETC.

last website works are currently underway, and a spudder rig will then be used to set the surface conductor in preparation for the arrival of the main drill rig. The main rig is expected to mobilise with a target arrival during the week starting 27th November.

Drilling operations are expected to take six to ten days to reach the planned drilling depth.

BBB #33 is an offset well to the BBB#1 discovery well, where a 134-foot gas column was interpreted with gas flowing to surface containing 8.8% helium. BBB #33 is located approximately 750 feet from BBB#1.

This helium concentration seen at BBB#1 is comparable to that seen at the Model Dome historic production analogue, which averaged 8% helium some six miles south on the same regional structure.

Trent Spry, Managing Director and CEO of Blue Star Helium, said, “It is an exciting time for Blue Star as we await not only the results of this first production well but also the final drilling approvals for an additional four helium production wells that can be tied into our first production helium production facility operated by IACX.”

Source: gasworld