About Us


Dayan Gas International Treading Co. is a member of Dayan Chemical Group. Dayan Gas is supplier, producer, exporter and importer of industrial cylinders, CNG tanks, industrial gases, pure gases, gas mixture, liquid gases, refrigerant gases and related equipment like regulator, bandels and piping.

Dayan Gas Products         

  • Pure Gases

   Types of high purity gases, Industrial gases, Medical gases and specialty gases

(He, N2, O2, H2, Ar, CO2, CO, C2H2, CH4, C2H4, C2H6, C3H8, C3H6, N2O, H2S, SO2, HCL)

  • Gas Mixtures

Different kinds of gas mixtures based on PPM, PPB and percentage

(Calibration Gases, Laser Mixtures, Standard Gases)

  • Liquid Gases

Different Types of liquid gases (liquid Nitrogen, liquid Argon, liquid CO2,N2O medical grade, liquid Oxygen)

  • Refrigerant Gases


  • Manifold Pallets

Various sizes

  • Regulators

Brass, chrome plate, stainless steel) (1&2 stages)

  • Safety Equipment

- Trolleys   

- Cylinder carrying basket  

Industrial gas cylinders and CNG tanks

- Industrial and medical gas cylinders

- CNG cylinder for natural gas vehicles

- CNG cylinder up to 160 liters

- High pressure firefighting cylinders


  • Member of the of distributor and producers of Medical and Industrial gases union.
  • ISIRI 6792(ISO 6404), ISIRI 7909 (ISO 9809) for CNG tank and Cylinders.
  • ISIRI 869(NFPI 70) & ISIRI 7598 (ECE R 110) for firefighting cylinders.
  • Member of Iran-Afghanistan Chamber of commerce.
  • Member of Iran-Armenia Chamber of commerce.
  • Member of Tehran compressed gases association.
  • Member of Iran-UEA Chamber of commerce.
  • Member of Iran-Iraq Chamber of commerce.
  • ISO17025 & NIST certificate for gas mixture.
  • Fast customer services.
  • Awarded ISO 9001.

Our vision

To explore, develop, export and distribute all our products all over the Mena region and remain as a secure and reliable supplier to our customers.

Also to uphold values and employ successful business practices to maintain high standards at all times.

Our major goal is to deliver our commitments in a compliant, profitable manner and endure as an environmentally responsible organization.


As a company, Dayan Gas always strives to stay true to its core values by maintaining a deep sense of accountability at every step for its decisions and actions.

We uphold and protect our value guidelines which are:

Trust_ we always try to Maintaining honesty, confidentiality and fairness. We always Provide originals products for customer along with Valid documents and certificates to prevent any deception.

Safety – We put safety first. We believe all incidents are preventable, and our goal is no harm to people, communities or the environment. We continuously work to improve our safety culture and performance worldwide.

honesty – We always strive to achieve our goals ethically, and with the highest honesty. We expect transparent and respectful interactions between management, employees and our customers, consistent with our Code of honesty.

Accountability – We hold ourselves accountable for our performance, individually and collectively. We focus both on what we accomplish and how we accomplish it, and we are committed to delivering on individual and company goals.

Social responsibilities- we have joint my Iran campaign to build a school for underprivileged areas. Trying to promote reading culture is one of the cultural values ​​of our company. Dayan Gas has always been supporting the environment and promoting the culture of environment protection.

Dayan Group

Dayan Chemical Group with more than 60 years’ experience.

– Dayan Gas Co: compressed gases and related equipment.

– Dayan Machine: Maintenance repairs of road and mining machinery CO.

– Dayan Lubricant Co: Industrial lubricants and grease.

– Iran Petrofer Co: special industrial lubricants for metallurgies.

– DNY additive Co: base oil and industrial additives.