Technical & Safety Information

21ژانویه 2017

Product ARGON UN No. ۱۰۰۶ Hazard Classification Non-Flammable ANALYSIS REPORT SPECIFICATION Purity ≥ ۹۹٫۹۹۹۹% CO + CO2 ≤ ۰٫۰۵ ppm N2 ≤ ۰٫۳ ppm O2 ≤ ۰٫۱ ppm THC ≤ ۰٫۰۵ ppm H2O ≤ ۰٫۵ ppm FILLING DETAILS Filling pressure ۲۰۰ bar Gas Volume ۹٫۰ m3 Valve Outlet BS 341 # 3   Product NITROGEN,Compressed […]

20ژانویه 2017

GAS & METAL REACTION    Gas Aluminum copper brass steel Stainless steel Special Characteristic Acetylene R N R R R Do not use at pressures exceeding 15 psig Air R R R R R Ammonia R N N X R Causes stress cracking of cooper and cooper alloys Argon R R R R R Butane […]

19ژانویه 2017

Industrial Gas Cylinder Colours While the cylinder label is the primary means of identifying the properties of the gas in a cylinder, the colour coding of the cylinder body provides a further guide. Cylinder shoulder – European standard colour coding The colour applied to the shoulder, or curved part at the top of the cylinder, […]

19ژانویه 2017

Transportation & storage of gas cylinder Safe Cylinder Handling Things you should know before using or transporting compressed gas cylinders. Transporting compressed gas cylinders is hazardous, and you should become familiar with these hazards before deciding to transport them.    SAFETY INFORMATION is contained in publications called Material Safety Data Sheets, or “MSDS”. These are […]