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دایان گاز

About US: 

Dayan Gas

We would like to introduce our company as a trading company in the field of GAS and related equipment.

Dayan gas co. is a part of Dayan group , Dayan groups companies are :

Dayan Lubricant co. , Dayan Additives co. , Dayan Machine co.

Dayan gas supply :

  • Pure gases
  • Gas mixtures
  • Industrial gases
  • Specialty gases
  • Regulators
  • Liquid helium & liquid Nitrogen
  • Storage & cryogenic tank
  • Refrigerant gases

we supply all gases and equipment from the best international brands like :

AirLiquide , Airproduct , Linde , Calgaz , Scott , Gas Arc , Victor , Emerson , MHD , SOC , TGS


Dayan Gas Co. is Establish and start up in field of industrial , special  , laboratory gases  for selling  pure gases, gas mixtures and gas equipment in local market and the countries near Iran , Especially Azerbaijan , Armenia ,Iraq ,Pakistan and etc.


To be the greatest manufacturer and distributor of the industrial , special  , laboratory gases and related equipments  in Iran and earn a good and logical profit .


Create Dayan Gas brand in Iran as a brand which includes below characteristics :

۱-High quality.

۲-Competetive price .

۳-Goods availability .

۴-Trustable and reliable partner for companies which are related to gas business .


Dayan works more than 50 years in Iran market which is a group of 5 companies as below:

Dayan Gas :supplier of different kinds of pure gases ,specialty gases ,gas mixtures and gas equipment such as high pressure cylinders, regulator  ,Iso tank and etc (for more information kindly visit www.dayangas.com).

Dayan Oil  : supplier of lubricants and grease (for more information kindly visit www.dayanoilco.com).

DNY chemical group : supplier of base oil and additives of lubricants (for more information kindly visit www.dayanoilco.com).

Iran Petrofer : supplier of special lubricants for metallurgy industrial (for more information kindly visit www.dayanoilco.com).

Dayan Machine : supplier of spare parts of heavy machinery (for more information kindly visit  www.dayanmachine.com).

Dayan Group includes five offices and three roof and non-roof stocks which one of them has an area of 5000 square meters, and two other ones each with an area of 2000 meters.


Dayan Gas consists of a 20-person working group and the management team are as below:

۱-Mr.Arash MOHAMMADI :

  1. ۱۳ years experience of working with various industries such as : petrochemicals , cement . oil , Gas , metal , Automotives , Food , mining , …. .
  2. Owner of a business turnover of 35 million Dollars per year for lubricants .
  3. Owner of facilities like a standard stock and five offices in capital of Iran .
  4. ۳۵ years shining Experience makes Dayan holding one of the reliable companies in lubricant field with a nick . Our customers included the various industries such as refineries , petrochemicals OEM’s which are in common with gas market customer , so we can use this positive point through expanding our business in a short time.

۲- Mr.Mahrad Ebad

  1. ۱۵ years experience in gas business
  2. Good relation with gas market.
  3. Good knowledge of technical gas information.
  4. Familiar to tree language.
  5. Educated in MBA.


  • Producer and Supplier of industrial, medical, food grade, refrigerants, mixtures, high purity and specialty gases.
  • Supplier of gas equipment, manifold banks, gas lines, assembly, and gas control systems.
  • Supplier of liquid bulk and gases for onshore/offshore purging projects.


  1. Mohsin Haider Darwish LLC. (Sultanate of Oman)
  2. Sharjah Oxygen Co. (UAE)
  3. Airliquid Co.(UAE)
  4. Techical Gas services Co. (UAE)
  5. Calgaz Co. (indirect-UK)
  6. Airproduct Co. (indirect-UAE)
  7. Siad Co. (indirect-Italy)


Dayan Gas Company has been registered on the vendor list of many key and important companies in the following industries in Iran , which they purchase their required products   routinely or as contracts from Dayan Gas Co. :

  1. Oil , gas and petrochemical companies
  2. Environmental organizations and suppliers of environmental analyzers
  3. Pharmaceutical companies
  4. Food industry
  5. Laboratory
  6. Metallurgy companies


The following items are provided for better understanding of the Iranian market in the gas industry:

Gas industry analyses :

Iranian made gas are as follow :

Ar up to grade 4.7 , H2 up to grade 5.0 , O2 up to grade 2.5 , C2H2 grade 2.6 , N2 up to grade 5.0 , N2O up to grade 2.5 .

End user of gas market of Iran are as following :

Petrochemical , refineries , gas distributors , food industries , metallurgy , cement industries , laboratories , metal Co. , automotive Co. , universities , researchers , electronic ind. , chemical and detergent ind. , pharmacy and medical ind. , standard Co. and others .

Iran gas market divides to 3 layers,

۱-this layer is built less than 10 company that have 80% of Iran gas market and they supply most of the industrial and specialty gases.

These 10 companies are main gas distributors which have a good share in Iran gas market. their turnover is about 25.000.000$ per year for high purities gases .

۲-second layer  include intermediate companies that are a number about 70 companies which have 10% share of gas market and they have the turnover of about 2.500.000$ per year most of them work as a distributors an manufactures.

۳- in third layer we have more than 1000 companies that most of them are very small distributors.

SWOT analyses of gas industrial. :

۱- weakness

A – Iranian companies cannot produce high purities gases and hydrocarbons and most of the mixtures .

B – most of them can not produce specially equipment like low flow regulators , Iso tank , valves and cryogenic tank ….

C – due to the sanction, foreign suppliers are very limited

۲- strength

A – we have various industries in Iran that most of them use gas and can be our customers .

B – Iranian customers have a good knowledge regarding to technical point of which they use. they can easily separate high and low quality goods.

C-We have about 70 petrochemicals and refineries that use ultra high pure gases and especial mixtures up to 20 components .

D- Iranian companies use various kinds of special gases like :Ne, Kr, Si , Xe , SF6 , C1 – C10 , H2S , HCL , F2,CF4,NO , and etc .


A.New sanction by USA

  1. Importing rules are changing day by day in Iran.


A.There is not any famous gas companies in Iran any more , all of them left with starting sanction like Air products , Technical gas services , Lindee and so on .

If a company can supply customers with suitable price and high quality products , would be the winner and can be a famous brand within shortest time .

B.There are a lot of bad  quality fake gases in Iran.

C.Most of companies can not find good suppliers and secondly even if they find supplier they would have logistic problems  because of sanction but we have advantage in this case .

D.Also most of them have problems in releasing goods but we don’t  have the mentioned problems due to the expert team that we have for clearance.